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Posted by Pixulayted at Mar 21, 2013 2:50:10 PM
Re: So you just bought OOO...
I think I'm just repeating what has been said so many times before but I'll say it anyway...

We don't really need Three Rings to respond to every single idea, post, thread or suggestion - actually, we don't really want that. That would just lead to a mess as Texasbeesh described. We would just like to get *some* more communication. We saw Cleaver responding to the adventure thread quite quickly but are still waiting something concerning the tablet discussion - it's been..three weeks since the last post by Three Rings?

We don't need a response to every post in every thread. I'd like to see one or two general posts about whether or not an idea is even worth thinking about, and if it is, do they plan to implement it someday.
If its not worth thinking about, update the list/anti-list... makes it helpful for those with new ideas.

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