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Posted by xelto at Mar 21, 2013 12:02:31 PM
Re: So you just bought OOO...
I think I'm just repeating what has been said so many times before but I'll say it anyway...

We don't really need Three Rings to respond to every single idea, post, thread or suggestion - actually, we don't really want that. That would just lead to a mess as Texasbeesh described. We would just like to get *some* more communication.

Even something like a post saying We'll answer two questions posted in this thread at semi-random at the end of the month. That is, we'll look at two questions at random-- if there's a reason for us to not answer either of them, we'll pick a different question and not say anything about the one we skipped. You're limited to one question each. Questions don't have to be about YPP or OOO, though we recommend it if you don't want the rest of game design to make you walk the plank. Our answers will be accurate to the best of our knowledge, but may not be complete. That gives us some sort of focused communication, while allowing them lots of flexibility in what they respond to.

It doesn't have to be precisely that-- in fact, there may be some good reasons for it not to be that-- but some sort of communication is important, not just for the egos here, but for the game as a whole. There has been a growing amount of negativism on the oceans, and a surprising amount comes from people that I know don't hang out on the forums. Having semi-regular feedback from developers would go a long way towards convincing people that the game is not, in fact, actually being abandoned.
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