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Posted by Notsizzly at Mar 21, 2013 11:48:57 AM
Re: So you just bought OOO...
I've seen this in other games too- an interesting dynamic where because of some players tenure in playing the game coupled with the extent to which they are immersed in all aspects of gameplay, they mentally take the next step in blurring the lines and morph this into an idea that they are somehow inextricably and directly tied to the development of said game.

This, IMO, is simply not the case and is also NOT a sign that, in this case OOO, has turned a blind eye to it's faithful player-base. While devs sometimes tap user focus groups (as a sounding board for upcoming functionality and then later as a player based beta testing resource) AND more passively glean overall sentiment of people already playing the game from places like these forums, truth is it is not the main driver of the priority nor content that they put in a given development sprint or yearly game expansion roadmap. They are acutely aware of existing bugs and address they incrementally from release to release based several factors including whether they're actual bugs vs intended aspects of gameplay that tend to 'bug players', a weighted take of each of our issues relative to how pervasive of an issue it is, how easy / labor intensive of a fix is involved and simply the trade-off in each issue's importance compared to new game functionality that some of the same dev resources would otherwise be doing. It's kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario as far as player based perceptions of the extent to which the devs 'care' and it honestly gets real old to the point where you just do what you know is needed based on all the considerations above and not get overly absorbed into the day to day compulsive need for communication some players have that will never really be satisfied, and to be blunt- is just a distraction (beyond the areas of communication already described)

So stop feeling like it's a personal affront when they aren't involved with your ideas, issues, questions at the level you perceive they should be. They decided to announce the tablet platform because they had already preannounced the Kraken add-on and felt it necessary to do so as it impacted it's go live date, noting there's an overlap of some of the same resources on both projects. Getting that level of communication to a player base is actually rare. Irony is when they do, the expectation then becomes that they should continue on a frequent basis- ya know the whole 'u just can't win effect'.

Bottom line is.. When things come together on either front to the extent that it justifies another communication, they'll do so. Period. In the meantime, I dunno, PLAY the game :)

While you are right to a point, I don't fully agree, neither do I think everyone asking for some communication and feedback is at personal level as you suggest. Besides, afterall, the customers are what are important to any company wishing to make profit. If you want to simplify that thought, it means the players of this game - and if we want to make real life comparisons (which is kind of silly), customer service, quality of the services and products you sell and such are as much factors of PP as it is, oh idk, the restaurant you go out for a dinner.

Players are tied to a development to any game to some extent, not in a way that they'd be the only factors and just say 'do like this' and the company will. I don't know if anyone else can see the complex (or well, pretty simple) relationship between the players and game but as obviously as it is. And again, since we don't work for Three Rings, we can't say we know this or that or anything. We can only guess.
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