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Posted by TheRack at Mar 21, 2013 3:52:20 AM
Re: So you just bought OOO...
Rack strolled into the overflowing board room, and took a seat at the head of the table. He sat there silent as all looked on nervously, with the entire crew having been summoned on deck to hear him speak. A new captain was on board, and nobody knew what was in store.

The captain looked over to his newly appointed first mate. She was dressed as a swashbuckler, with an eye patch over her eye - markedly different from the land lubber first seen in the reception area last week, applying for the personal assistant's role. Rack gave her a nod and she scurried off, and quickly returned with enough fine rum for all in the room.

The room had a deafening silence about it, eyes darting from one to another. Each waited for somebody else to break the ice, with the situation becoming even more awkward the longer the silence continued. Several looked into the fresh brew that had been placed into their hand, wondering if they should drink, but none wanting to be the first to take a swig.

Eventually Cleaver leaned forward and cleared his throat.

"So Rack, you have summoned us all, from the freshest of fresh cabin crew, to the oldest hands. You have the undivided and unquestioned loyalty of this crew, and we are proud to sail under your flag. But pray tell us, now that you have your hand on the helm what is the first order of business?"

Rack stroked his chin thoughtfully, and the looked Cleaver in they eye.

"Well first, there is this thread in Game Design which would be best served being whisked to Shore Leave..."
Cephalopod, on poker, wrote: 
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it isn't rigged.

Period. End of story.

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