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Posted by PhantomNuke at Mar 20, 2013 5:35:54 PM
So you just bought OOO...
It turned out that the revenue was dropping steadily, despite the almost clockwork spikes of income as the team released another money-grabbing scheme consisting of a few pixels and not much more. SEGA knew that soon the income wouldn't cover the developer costs, the office, the server. The team would have to be let go and the project shelved. They have some sense, and realise that the process could prove costly; just as importantly, the players are attached to the game and will not think highly of the company that ran it into the ground. They want to be far away when the smelly stuff hits the spinny thingy. They're amazed when you want to take it off their hands and sign it over at knock-down prices. They keep hold of SK though, that game's bringing in the dough like nobody's business.

So, now you own Y!PP, and the dev team currently in charge of it. Cleaver shifts uneasily at the end of a conference table. What's your first order of business?

Choose any two things you can change in the game or in the development process, or in the company. What do you do?

I know I'm not the only one entertaining this fantasy now and then, and my two immediate changes are:

1) Afternoon Bugsplat

First and foremost, one hour or time slot of one day of every week is chosen. Maybe even a Thursday morning so that a patch can be rolled out and if necessary a hotfix can be issued before the weekend. During this time, developers stop working on their pet features, and fix bugs. Just bugs, that's it. Adobe did it for CS6, and with the number of bugs present in the game currently, you can do it too.

2) Forum Hour.

A developer is chosen to be the community liaison. One day is chosen, and each week, that developer will spend 30 minutes browsing and replying on the forums, and the following 30 minutes in live chat with the denizens of Game Design. Should interest be too high, posting during the forum time will be restricted to GD regulars, and these will be the only people allowed to post in the chat (rules to be relaxed on quiet days, if such a thing should occur). The first meeting of the morning, the developer will gather progress reports or other input from the development team, and later in the day perform the "forum hour". Ideally, this will immediately precede the afternoon meeting, during which that developer will discuss key ideas and proposals. An additional 10 minutes may be allocated to post the result of this meeting. The morning meeting could also be posted. Development team is to listen, consider, and answer.

What would you do?
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