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Posted by Clotho at Mar 7, 2013 2:43:58 PM
Haunted Seas with an OM
A few days ago, I was minding my own business petting Chimichanga and sipping some rum, when a raven flew in through the window and started pecking at the durians on the table. I was about to shoo him out when I noticed he had a message tied to one of its legs. It was a message from Barnabas the Pale himself!
"Harr!" the message read, "rumor has it that the pirates are intruding in our monster lairs, but I, Barnabas, will have none of that." I stared at the words in disbelief for a few moments, then continued reading the message. "I hereby forbid those puny pirates and their so called Ocean Masters from setting foot in my lands, from now until the end of time."

Fear struck through me like lightning, then I touched the hilt of my sword and shouted, "Barnabas, you ghostly fiend, you don't scare us! Prepare to fight back with all you have!" I ran outside and ran into Prometheus, handed him the message and watched him as his face changed from astonishment to determination. "We must fight!" he said. And now we call upon you, brave pirates of all the oceans, to come forth and help us teach Barnabas a lesson!

Emerald: Saturday March 16th, jobbing starts at 9 AM game time
Meridian: Saturday March 23th, jobbing starts at 9 AM game time
Cerulean: Saturday March 30th, jobbing starts at 9 AM game time

* We will set sail as soon as we have 60 jobbers or at 9:30, whatever happens first.

Because we can't allow Barnabas to scare us off!

We will load a Grand Frigate on the event crew 'Games of the Gods' and will start a hunt that will last at least 3 hours from the moment we enter the Haunted Seas - we reserve the right to extend it depending on the circumstances. You are welcome to stay the whole trip or just join for a few battles so please do not ask when we port, if you're tired... simply whisk home!

* We reserve the right to exit to get more jobbers, after all, the purpose of the event is to open the lair for everyone who wish to join!

Every pirate in the ocean is invited to join!* OMs will be the battle navigators for this event. On some oceans, we may have up to two Grand Frigates, depending on attendance. We will have an assistant or two who will help sort gunning position and help answer questions during the run.

Is that all?
No, that's not all of it! After we port, there will be ocean-wide tournaments so that everyone can participate on the spoils!

See you all there and let's have a great time! Feel free to post on this thread if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

* Take note that to join a sea monster hunt, the pirate must be subscribed on Cerulean or have a bravery badge on doubloon oceans.

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