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Posted by Pandaxee6 at Mar 2, 2013 10:10:50 PM
~Pandie's Avatar Art Shop!~
Hello! :) I'm selling avatar art as the title says
Here are some examples , I only have a couple avatars done so far ^_^
Here they are:

Other commissions through YPP

Where I sell: Doubloon oceans, paypal (contact me)
Contact: I am Pandaxee on Meridian ocean mainly, and you can find me online often, or you can message me on this forum site :).
Payment: 60k and up .
What I do: anything from my deviantart page where my examples are located. I do have the right to refuse any commission for any reason...
Qualifications: I've been drawing for 10 years, doing digital for some.. I'm a concept artist in training and have taken many art classes xD.
Order Form:
-Pirate Name(s)
-Description of product including clothing, pose, accessories, etc. (as much detail as you can put)
-An adjective describing the mood of the piece
-Link to a portrait or screenshot with your pirate wearing the clothing requested.
Time Frame: So I have a part-time job and am a full-time student as well. xD The only time I really have to work on these is on the weekends and maybe a spare moment throughout the week :). But depending on the complexity, I should have them done fairly quick <3
What's it's All Going Towards: I'd like to save up for a parrot and a dragon! :)
Extras: I'm very open to picky-ness, so feel free to be picky :).
Let me know if you want to buy some avatar art from me! :D

Current Orders!

Past Orders : )
Velternal - 40 doubloons
Boarslayer - 100k
Levelup - 69k
Hybris - 80 doubloons
I've sailed the pirate seas for 13 Years.

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