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Posted by mari_ at Feb 24, 2013 12:10:26 AM
Tyranny Events Presents.... A Tinga Giveaway
Harrjm may be "out of town" but he's never far from YPP and stated it was high time we had another Tyranny event, so here we are. Ask not what the ocean can do for Tyranny but what Tyranny can do for the ocean, particular those newer flags out there who would love to blockade and take an island, but for whatever reasons can't.

This event will consist of 2 parts:

Part One: Sunday 10th March starting 10am gametime - A Battle Royale at Park Island


Interested flags holding a fame level of Renowned or above and at the time of the event does NOT hold any island on Cerulean may enter ONE SLOOP sailed by up to 5 pirates 3 of which MUST be Royal or Titled Member in that flag, the other pirates must still come from the flag. Interested parties must contact Calamarie, Donsmythe or Morgana (via PM, or post in this thread) at least 30 minutes before the opening bell to register, ideally as early as possible, after this time you will not be able to enter. There is no fee for registration or entry. We will require the name of your team captain and the name of the sloop you will be using for the event at the time of registration. To make it clear, only one sloop entry per flag is permitted.

10 minutes prior to the event, the ringmaster (aka Calamarie) will secretly assign each sloop a random number, representing the order in which each ship will enter the board, you cannot sit around in the safe zone to get your moves going, its in and straight in. (Sloop crews will NOT be aware of the number they have been assigned.) Every three minutes, the name of the sloop (not the team) will be announced, and the vessel must deport at that time and enter the event board. Entering the board at any other time constitutes grounds for disqualification.

At the opening bell, a vessel name will be announced, and that vessel shall take the field. Pick a good spot, because three minutes later, a hostile crew will take the board. The process will be repeated until all vessels are called (again, at 3 minute intervals).

The rules once you're on the board? THERE ARE NO RULES (except the ones listed below under 'Cheating')! You might adopt an 'every crew for itself' strategy, or you may choose to team up with other crews, then turn on each other at the end (or in the middle!). Think its an advantage to be called last? Think again! You're coming into a seething, teeming mass of hot lead fury that's been dogfighting for 30-40 minutes. You won't have time to get your sea legs here!

How will the winner be determined? It's simple, the last two sloops standing will go forward to Part Two of the contest. However there will be a bonus prize of 50k to the last sloop standing.


Any flags found to be cheating (using more than 5 sailors, using people from outside your flag, hitting another pirate with a steel chair, sending ships onto the board other than their designated sloop, loitering in the safe zone) will be disqualified by special guest referee Harrjm!

Sinking - You betcha!

Part Two: Saturday 23th March starting 1pm gametime - Blockade at Tinga Island

The winning two teams have now had 2 weeks to prepare for a blockade, here they will take to the board as it were a normal blockade, it will be set to 5 rounds, and both flags will be expected to post a jobbing notice, get jobbers and treat it as if they were fighting a blockade as normal.

We will make this a non-sinking blockade, and alliances will be disabled.

It is up to the respective flags to provide their own ships, stock and jobber pay. Where they get their staff is up to them, its a blockade afterall.

Whoever wins 3 rounds, wins Tinga. Tyranny will post the transfer notice on the Monday and pay the transfer fee. Should the island be blockaded during that window, the flag who won will be responsible for co-orinating a defense.

We politely request that flags that currently own islands do NOT interfere in this blockade by bringing ships in. The aim is to allow two non-island holding flags have some fun and get into the blockade game.

I would also suggest that should either of the flags duking it out in the blockade want any hints or tips about blockading that they seek out one of the following flags who have kindly offered themselves in an advisory capacity. Tyranny, Faded Legend, Crimson Tide, Universa A or Maniacal Menagerie, all who have players with eons of blockade experience.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Calamarie - now also in Obsidian flavour!
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