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Posted by Bobafeis at Feb 22, 2013 9:17:52 PM
Re: Race to Romance! Entry Thread [February 22nd-24th]
Ocean: Cerulean
Pirate: Annarinda
Crew: Death by Bacon
Ship Name: Man-eating Herring
Familiar type and standard color choice: Parrot, white body/gold wings

Run 1:
Wingpirate: Anothersneak
Start Time: Friday, Feb. 22nd 8:25pm
End Time: Friday, Feb. 22nd 8:41pm
Total Time: 16mins

Run 2:
Wingpirates: Anothersneak, Plunderville
Start time: Saturday, Feb 23rd 10:42pm
End time: Saturday, Feb 23rd 10:55pm
Total Time: 13mins

Run 3:
Wingpirates: Fyreside, Rosehips
Start time: Sunday, Feb 24th 11:07pm
End time: Sunday, Feb 24th 11:19pm
Total Time: 12 mins
-Annarinda (blue)/Arryarrwoot (green)/possibly other pirates along the way-
Eca drew a picture of me.

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