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Posted by wrs1864b at Feb 20, 2013 4:16:46 AM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
PhantomNuke wrote: 
Any truth to the belief that merchants won't trade with your stall if you're on a ship that attacks a merchant ship?

I've never tested it, but I find it highly unlikely.

Remember, foraging used to forage up commodities, not fruit. The orignal idea was that foragers would then sell the commods dockside to others, but it turned out that it was mostly shopkeepers who foraged to get their commods "for free". Foraging for commods had other problems, so it was changed so that foraging yielded fruit and merchant bots were created. Shopkeepers who still wanted to get their commods "for free" were told to fight the merchant bots instead.

So, not only were merchant bots designed to be attacked by shopkeepers, but over the years, OOO has made fighting them more profitable (PoE wise), given trophies for doing so and created expeditions to hunt them.

Penguinpaste wrote: 
Ah sorry, I was going off of memory. Now that I've rechecked, it is oceanwide average use cost that determines the tax rate, and completed dockside buys are what drive the spawns. Everything is based on a trimmed mean though, to prevent individual players from having a direct effect.

Pretty much every possible product (all variations of paint, enamel, herbs, minerals etc, even if we don't see them as an active commod in the game) has a base tax rate assigned to it.

Yeah, I known Lizthegrey once said that, but it still can't be right.

Again, navy dye was only bought once from a palace and the the OM that magic'ed it up, soon after deleted the dye off the ship. It never had a use cost associated with it (or was sold dockside), and yet it has a sales tax rate. I guess the same goes for large cannon balls, they aren't used in anything and therefore don't have a use-cosst but they have a sales tax rate.

I was confused by what you meant by "trimmed mean", but yeah, we completely agree on that part.
Algol can not assert the truth of all statements in this post and still be consistent.

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