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Posted by wrs1864b at Feb 19, 2013 9:14:04 AM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
So the commodity needs to actually be used in order to spawn more. You can just bid on a lot of masuyite to make it spawn more, you have to actually use the mineral?

In my opinion, there are probably only a few developers that can really answer your question. I have heard lots of strongly-held conflicting opinions from others.

My observations is that no, a commodity does not actually have to be consumed in order for the spawn rate to change. You could fill a blockade fleet with masuyite, never using any in products, and more masuyite would keep spawning.

My observations is that both the bid price and dockside buy price have an influence on the sales tax rate which eventually influences the spawn rate. I had a friend who made a killing in shopkeeping who was convinced that buying from a stall on an island caused that specific island to be delivered more. So, instead of transferring stuff from his stall, he would buy it dockside at inflated prices (high prices so others wouldn't buy it). Now, whether the bots and the spawn rate really are influenced by how much is purchased from an island, or if the inflated sell price factored into the sales tax and therefor the overall spawn rate, I don't know, but he was convinced he was right.

I decided it was faster to bid on masuyite then go pick it up from Meke (to Heph Forge) rather than buy at the highest price on the island for a bot delivery. I had thee bids with 1 masuyite per ticket fill in about one day. The week had zero bot delivery.

In the case of bid tickets vs bot delivery, on midnight there were only two islands that spawned masuyite: Meke and O'Reilly. Meke is colonized, O'Reilly isn't. So, merchant bots coming from O'Reilly try to supply every stall on the ocean that was buying masuyite, favoring those those that had high prices and/or closer, but every island would probably get some masuyite delivered, even if it was only once per year. (Or, at least, that was my observation with sassafras and seeing bots deliver some to my remote island when I was buying for more at a nearby large island. And, also in chalcocite where my nearby outpost paid more, yet chalcocite sometimes was delivered to remote large islands.)

On the other hand, there are probably far fewer people who the routes to Meke memorized and feel that it is worth their time to trade there. So, you are likely competing against far fewer people on the bid market, and therefore you will get more.
Algol can not assert the truth of all statements in this post and still be consistent.

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