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Posted by GreatBob at Feb 19, 2013 8:54:38 AM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
OOO also decided that it wouldn't be as much fun if the current supply is to be tightly locked to the current demand. They wanted spawn rates to go cycles of being too little of stuff and periods of too much. This lets shopkeepers stock up if they think the price is cheap, and not buy when the prices are high. These cycles can take weeks, months or even years to go through, which is why the imbalances in the spawn points weren't noticed immediately.

Actually I picked up on this pretty quickly. I've just checked my sent box on my flag's forums, and I brought this up with Anaplian (who wrote the script that went through the .xml scene files) on May 7th 2012. Although, I must admit if we hadn't taken Jubilee I wouldn't have noticed.

It is generally thought that the commodity spawn rates are somehow based on the sales tax rates for the commodities, but it isn't clear exactly how they relate. It also isn't clear exactly how the sales tax rates are calculated. I suspect we will know what triggers the Jinxed Idol trophy long before we know exactly how the dynamic spawn rate works.

From what I understand, commodity spawns are tied to several different factors which make a loop. Tax rates are 10% of the trimmed mean of the ocean's dockside buy transactions (not just listings, actual transactions). The profit from sales tax (meaning that some of the commodity has been removed from the system) is what determines the rate that commodities spawn at. The spawn rate decays with each spawn, which is why we see it go up and down like we do.

In summary:

When the spawn rate lowers past the acceptable rate for the ocean (generally due to players using goods they had stockpiled when the spawn rate was up), everyone has to start raising their buy prices because their reserves are low and the bots aren't bringing much in.
The tax amount goes up due to a higher ocean average, which in turn generates more revenue and increases the spawn.
As the spawn increases players sink extra of the commodity to rebuild stockpiles of finished goods, pushing the spawn rate up even higher.
At this point the market is saturated, dockside prices begin to go down.
The sales tax drops due to ocean average, therefore lowering revenue and slowing the spawn.
Start over.

There are other factors as well, each commodity has a target tax rate that also plays a part in spawning. I believe it gives an anchoring point to stop prices from going too far (especially if spawn rates increase/decrease exponentially the farther away from this number the tax gets), though I cannot be certain.

And no, I don't know what triggers the Jinxed Idol :P
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