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Posted by TexasBeesh at Feb 19, 2013 8:20:07 AM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
So the commodity needs to actually be used in order to spawn more. You can just bid on a lot of masuyite to make it spawn more, you have to actually use the mineral?

I decided it was faster to bid on masuyite then go pick it up from Meke (to Heph Forge) rather than buy at the highest price on the island for a bot delivery. I had thee bids with 1 masuyite per ticket fill in about one day. The week had zero bot delivery.

I noticed right away after the merge that prices for things on the Cobalt side were a good deal higher. I figured they would even out after a few months, but it has been over a year.

I would go to the ship stalls and see 14-16k for a sloop! I can buy them for 10-11 on the midnight side. I see now why the Cobalt side can't really compete esp if they are not able to get commodities with a reasonable price.
Seatexan - on the Midnight side of Cerulean
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