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Posted by wrs1864b at Feb 18, 2013 12:24:32 PM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
I think it may be important to give some details backing up two of my points:
1) merchant bots are very important for Cobalt, especially compared with Midnight.
2) merchant bots on cobalt will ship a significant amount of goods to midnight

Let's take wood as an example. On Midnight, there are so many colonized islands that there is only one island that spawns merchant bots that will ship wood. Obviously, you can't depend on merchant bots there. On the other hand, the furthest a colonized island has to go to get to a wood commod market is 12 leagues (winter soltice to turtle), most have wood markets much closer. Shipping wood is not a huge problem.

Let's use population as a rough approximation of the economic activity, it at least corrolates well with other indicators I have on the Cobalt side and it is easy to get. So, on Cobalt, 80-90% of the economy is along the north/east edges.

On Cobalt, there are only three archipelagos:
Pop   Arch
2097 Jade
713 Onyx (of which, 589 is just across the jade interarch on TLM/fintan)
288 Garnet

The most populated islands on Cerulean are:
Pop     Island
564 C Kirin
498 C Dragon's Nest
450 M Turtle
432 C Terra
422 C Tigerleaf Mountain
354 M Spring
318 C Sakejima
310 M Epsilon
286 M Alpha
200 M Jorvik
178 C Lima
167 C Fintan
155 C Napi

This all means that since spawns are spread out evenly over Cobalt, but the population is concentrated, a huge amount of commods *HAVE* to be shipped across the ocean, either by merchant bots or players.

Let's look at Dragon's Nest, the island with the 2nd largest population on Cerulean. In contrast to the relatively close wood spawns across Midnight, the closest wood spawns to Dragon's Nest are 21-27 leagues away, but all of those islands are in the busy northern edge, which already uses more commods than they spawn. The closest wood spawn that isn't in the north/east is Charcoal, which is 40 leagues away. Jubilee is 54 leagues away.

As you might expect. most of the wood deliverd to Dragon's nest is delivered by merchant bots. Even if you used a MG, with only a few extra players getting sub-navy wages and bought the wood at 1PoE/unit on Charcoal/Jubilee, there just isn't enough profit to make things worth while. Getting wood on Prolix/Lima/Terra for Dragon's Nest is just stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

Now, the closest islands that spawn mechant bots that ship wood are islands like Hadrian, Oasis, Kuhio and Whistler. Unfortunately those islands are closer to many islands on Midnight than they are to Dragon's nest and the northern parts of Cobalt.

For example:

Hadrian to Dragon's Nest is 42 leagues, Hadrian to Tinga is 42 leagues
Whistler to Dragon's Nest is 40 leagues, Whistler to Tinga is 40 leagues
(The routes and distances are similar for all the uncolonized wood spawns.)

Now, Terra spawns wood, but it is 3rd most populous island on Cobalt (4th on Cerulean). With wood spawns spread out evenly over Cobalt archs, it is impossible for all the wood consumed on Terra to be spawned on Terra.

Hadrian to Terra is 61 leagues

Hadrian to Xi 57 is leagues
Hadrian to Cnossos is 60 leagues
Hadrian to Ostreum is 60 leagues

Of course, merchant bots don't work strictly off of profit/league, they will happily ship even further. So even paying a premium for wood (32-36PoE/unit), Dragon's Nest won't get as much as it used to.

Right now, 58% of all wood that is spawned on Cerulean gets spawned on the Midnight side. I suspect that if 58% of all the wood was shift to the Cobalt side, less than half would actually be delivered to islands on the Cobalt side.
Algol can not assert the truth of all statements in this post and still be consistent.

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