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Posted by GreatBob at Feb 17, 2013 3:00:30 PM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
Remedying this issue would have no direct effect on the total number of units spawned on the ocean as a whole, but it would change where those units spawn. A year on from the merge (I have been watching prices closely for the past 8 months, when I first came upon this data) and it is clear to see that this is a giant issue. Not only are many commodities seeing a price variation of over 50% across the ocean (Lorandite for 1200 on Crimson and 2900 on Iris is I believe the worst), but the basic commodities are so scarce in some areas that they simply cannot be populated.

I believe the main issue with Midnight is the fact that the islands and spawn points there were created before the dynamic economy was put into place, and commodities worked on a "there is what there is" system. This could be why the number of spawn points tie in pretty directly with the target price of commodities, rather then limits that were fairly easy for island designers to squeeze in without disrupting their design(s).

The most simple of all fixes would be to calculate the percent of spawns each island is entitled to (to keep their spawns relative to pre-merge conditions) and "stack" additional spawn points underneath existing ones (with low render priority, for those who know their Tools). Assuming there is no X,Y position redundancy check for spawn points, this is an "invisible" fix that has no real drawbacks.

[sarcasm]I suppose OOO could design a new ocean from the ground up to suit the current player base's needs, they have demonstrated that pirates and possessions can be moved... plus it would give everyone who started playing after 2006/7 a proper go at colonization...[/sarcasm]
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