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Posted by wrs1864b at Feb 17, 2013 9:37:22 AM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
I can agree with adding more spawns to the Cobalt side, but I emphatically do NOT agree that doing so should take spawns away from the Midnight side.

Penguinpaste linked to his explantion of spawn points in his first post, but let me try rephrasing things to help out.

People refer to "spawn points" for two related concepts. First, they often say "wood spawns on lima" or "lima is a wood spawn point". Second, on each island, there are certain areas (squares) that trigger the spawning of various commodities. These are also called "spawn points", and a governor can destroy certain spawn point by placing a building over them.

I don't think anyone wants to see any island have all their spawn points removed.

Next, the dyamic spawn system that puzzle pirates has will adjust how much of a commodity each spawn point on each island will produce per hour. If there is only one island on the ocean that spawns a commodity, then it doesn't matter if there is only one spawn point 1 on the island, or 100. Say the dynamic spawn system decides there needs to be 300 of the commodity produced in a hour, then if there is only one spawn point, that spawn point will produce 300 units, but if there are 100 spawn points, then each spawn point will produce only 3.

Let's look at an example of Weld, needed to make most yellow items:

Weld on midnight:
Delta Island: 20
Guava Island: 20
Zeta Island: 20

Weld on cobalt:
Cabo de Hornos: 5
Olive: 5
Stormy Fell: 5

So, both midnight and cobalt had three islands that produced weld, and the production on each ocean was split evenly among three islands. The problem is when the oceans were merged together, then things are no longer in balance, with the cobalt side having only 15 spawn points while midnight has 60.

This imbalance between the cobalt side and the midnight side can be fixed many ways. The islands on the cobalt side could have 15 spawn points added to each island, or the midnight side could have 15 spawn points removed, or the cobalt side could be increased to 10 spawn points per island while the midnight side could be reduced to 10 spawn points per island.

The problem is that each spawn point on an island is visually represented by some object, in the case of weld, by a yellow flower. It is a lot easier to go to islands that spawn too much and replace those objects with rocks/grass/etc. that it is to find good places to add more spawn points.

I hope this clears things up a little. The developers didn't deliberately choose to make the midnight side spawn most of the weld when they merged oceans. Both oceans were designed to spawn weld in a balanced way split between three islands. It is just that when midnight was being created, the island designers choose 20 as the balanced number of spawn points, while the island designers chose 5 when they designed cobalt/viridian.

Edit: if you want to see what each spawn point for each commodity looks like, check out the yppedia page: /Island_Design_Guide#Commodities
Algol can not assert the truth of all statements in this post and still be consistent.

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