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Posted by Aethera21 at Feb 16, 2013 8:34:34 PM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
This seems like exactly the sort of fix that would make a lot of players happy and not cost a ton of development time. Heck, I'm fine with Algol and Penguin rebalancing it all and giving the OMs a spreadsheet. It could definitely be done over time - fix Cane, Hemp and Wood first, over the next month, and then fix the dye herbs next, etc. This should mean, I think, that it's not a large drain on OOO resources to fix the problem.

It would be great to hear feedback on this from OOO. Seems simple, really: I can't see any cons at all to rebalancing the basic commodities, at the very least. As Algol rightly pointed out, no one in their right mind would try to merch hemp, wood or cane for profit.
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