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Posted by wrs1864b at Feb 16, 2013 4:19:17 PM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
First, thanks again, Penguinpaste, for digging up the exact spawn info, it is very enlightening. I had been going off of the number of islands, but I didn't realize that two medium islands might have as radically different number of spawn point as apparently do.

Second, I don't think anyone is going to demand that spawn rates have to be "perfectly" balance, but having, for example, ~78.6% of all sugar cane spawning on the midnight side of cerulean is a killer for the cobalt side.

Third, I'd like to point out that rebalancing things could be done by deleting spawn points on various islands, as well as adding them them to others. This might be able to be done by OMs over time, without any developer time changing code or messing with the databases.

Fourth, each commodity needs to be looked at individually. I've been looking at the numbers since Penguinpaste first posted them.

There are three bulky commodities: wood, sugar cane and hemp. These commodities are used in large quantities and are a pain to move any significant difference. While a sloop can ship several months worth of most commods, you can often use a MB of these bulky commods per day.

Right now, midnight spawns 58% of the wood, 67% of the hemp, and 79% of the sugar cane. So all three bulky goods favor the midnight side.

Since the amount of booze/ships/sail cloth consumed is proportional to the number of players, having players ship bulky commods a long distance would mean would mean that gobs of player time would be spent sailing MGs across the interocean routes. It would be much more likely that most shopkeeping/pillaging will dry up on the cobalt side.

The imbalance of bulky goods isn't a "trade opportunity", it is a time waste and a game killer for shopkeepers from cobalt.

Next, midnight has a lot of colonized islands (left over from the days when it had 2k players on at once), while cobalt many more uncolonized islands that spawn merchant bots. These merchant bots will happily spend hours sailing from the cobalt side to the parts of midnight that are closer the uncolonized island than to the busy parts of cobalt. As a result, the imbalance between the sides is larger than just the number of spawn points would suggest.

Next, not all commods are equally important. Lots of stuff uses lorandite, few things use sincosite and the products that do use it aren't very popular. So, it is fine to leave sincocite as a "trade opportunity", but lorandite should be much better balanced.

Of the "important" non-bulky commodities, 9 of them spawn heavily on the midnight side, 6 of them spawn heavily on the cobalt side. While the cobalt side is much worse off overall, midnight is has problems also.
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