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Posted by TexasBeesh at Feb 14, 2013 9:47:50 AM
Re: Tyranny...
It's too bad the world is not round. Then Garnet would not be so far away.

I don't know how many really go across the ocean like they go between arches. I know I go across the arches for the Midnight side a good deal. But arch to arch islands tend to be pretty hospitable and they don't span 11+ Lps.

So our only hope to really supply Garnet would be to go 59 or so LPs (Epsilon to Jubilee) with a ship full of nothing but rum. 40,500 on a cutter is a lot (at least to me).

It's more efficient than bringing in sugar cane.

I am sure it's a lot of work for the Devs to have a look at the merchant delivery/spawn issue. It seems like it would be a nightmare!
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