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Posted by GreatBob at Feb 14, 2013 2:28:07 AM
Re: Tyranny...
Again, thanks for the data, it is quite interesting.

Merchant bots work on a profit per league system, which essentially means that they will sail anywhere that has the highest overall profit as long as that profit is higher then the number of leagues times 10.

This isn't correct, merchant bots are not that simple. I do not know exactly how they run, but they will happily bypass islands that are both closer and offering to buy for more.

For example my flag used to run diastrophe. It was only 3 leagues away from Moab, which was only source of chalcocite on cobalt. Even though I made sure the fort/shipyard were buying both chalcocite and cane, the merchant bots would regularly deliver chalcocite to my stall on Kirin even though it was 20+ leagues further away and people were paying less for both chalcocite and cane. I've seen similar things for stuff like sassafras.

Merchant bots appear favor close and high profit destinations, but it certainly doesn't match the formula you mention.

Please bear in mind that the number of buy offers also has an impact on merchants, and that there may be other variables or controls in the system to stop outposts from having a monopoly over certain commodities.

They do work on a system of profit per league, however.
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