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Posted by Greg4545 at Feb 14, 2013 12:10:27 AM
Re: Tyranny...
The first is that the greatest profit is not to be made on rum, but rather on grog. Because expert is hard to garner, high wages are typically offered for expert labor.

You raise a very good point here. Since distillers raise the expert labour wages quite high to attract thsoe few jobbers that can generate it, their profits in this margin would shrink. This makes grog a more attaniable option at a higher profit margin. I was a bit general in my statement, not taking under the advisement the inflated wages for fine rum. I guess it's because not every distiller raises those prices above the standard, and if you don't do that, fine rum will produce higher profits. What will offset those profits is the limited fine rum production compared to grog which you can manufacture in greater quantities. It will all depend how you run your distillery, but the grog certainly favours newer distillers in profits. I provide my own expert labour, so I can make fine rum rather cheap, which turns a better profit for me, but it sure took me a while to get good enough at the puzzle to the point where I get the expert labour. Even now, it's touch and go. I can only say that OOO does not encourage drinking and there is a good community message somewhere in all of this :)

The second is the assumption that anyone that opens a distilling stall or shop is doing so for the purpose of producing liquor. In my case, all but two of my distilleries were opened for the sole purpose of producing hemp oil for my collocated apothecaries.

Of course, a distillery doesn't only make rum and there are a number of them that specialize in hemp oil. Those are, as in your case, mostly owned by those players who also have an alchemy stall. In this discussion, however, we were talking only about rum, so I didn't mention the oil, as it's a different topic.

The bottom line is that distilling is a more complicated beast than people realize. Every business is. It's less profitable than most think, especially at the beginning. The profits are there, especially if you have a good location or expand over an area, but I would have to think long and hard to decide if Jubilee is a good location. As mentioned in this topic before, it's a pretty empty arch. One's profit would mainly come from the CIs and Lanties that would pop up around. Like right now. The only reason we seem to be talking about Jubilee is because of the sea monster hunts in the area. Once those maps dust, however, the rum sales on Jubilee would dwindle. Everyone's interest will be elswhewere and not many pirates will care if there is rum there. Untill the next CI in the area :)

That said, that area seems to have quite a knack of producing CIs, HS and lanties, doesn't it?

In the end, I am not trying to say that Jubilee should not have any rum. Far from it. This is a very good thread. Like anywhere else, it's to everyone's benefit to have both rum and shot available. I just wanted to point out the hidden challenges with rum production that I believe may be contributing to the Jubilee problem, using my experience as a rum seller and producer.

No matter what we do, the island will, in the end, rely on the owners for rum supply. So, their efforts should not go unnoticed.


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