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Posted by Zacb1 at Feb 13, 2013 11:59:13 PM
Re: Tyranny...
...This list is how many sugar cane spawn points are on each island. To save you the trouble, there are 2020 total spawn points on Cerulean, with the Midnight side having 1588 (79%) and the Cobalt side having 432 (21%). While each ocean survived fine on its own, once you put them together the economic model destroys itself....

Yet again Penguin you show a great knowledge and understanding of the game mechanics to which always impresses me.

Garnet has long been the quiet arch, while the island count is identical to Jade and Onyx and number of inhabited islands isn't far off Onyx, it has always suffered a lower population and production rate, even before the merge.

It has become more of an issue lately, potentially due to the spawning issues pointed out by Penguinpaste, another part I believe is that Garnet is a large archipelago with many LPs for Flotillas, Haunted Seas, Atlantis and Cursed Islands to spawn on. These activities demand highly on the local markets to supply (CBs and Rum), if you purely look at stall count in Garnet over the area and compare it to other Archipelagos you will find a lack of suppliers.

The lack of commodities has affected me at Diastrophe too, I make and hoard stock from Jade and Onyx to keep the fort stocked.

How do we fix it?

Personally I believe you have to look at employing a few strategies to try and improve the situation.

A Better Balance of Spawns

Without a shadow of doubt there isn't much spawn in Garnet and if Penguin is correct then redressing the balance needs to be done to ensure people can get the commodities to make products.

Get Labour and Stalls to the Area

With the low population (and therefor rent) and high demand realistically it's should be a profitable business model to invest in and we need to try and encourage people to own shoppes/stalls in the area and keep them stocked.

Lessen the Demand on Local Supplies

A huge amount of Garnet is uninhabited, eleven out of eighteen islands (Jade only has five uninhabited islands out of eighteen), this causes a great amount of demand on the few shoppes and stalls there are. The balance of stalls per navigable LP (and potential Flotilla) could be redressed.

Garnet Archipelago Map

Potentially islands to the west side of garnet could be dropped, lowering the League Point count and reducing the demand and Flotilla responsibilities to a more even level with the rest of the ocean. BK Blockades are more likely in Garnet, blockades too affect stock levels.
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