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Posted by wrs1864b at Feb 13, 2013 3:01:15 PM
Re: Tyranny...
So, for example, moab spawns cane in jubilee's arch, but it is also the only island on the cobalt side of cerulean that spawns chalcocite. So, most of that cane is probably being shipped off to distant islands that are paying 200PoE more for chalcocite.

The quick version: the Cobalt side is getting screwed. {because of the different ratios of spawn points between midnight/cobalt}


I'm too lazy to look up spawn point, but I was going to give a rough example based on the number of islands that spawned chalcocite.

So, to continue my example of Moab, it is the only island on cobalt that spawns chalcocite. On midnight, there were three islands. Rough guess: the cobalt side now gets only 25%.

But, it is worse than just the number of spawn points.

Moab isn't colonized, so you have to depend on merchant bots for delivery. I have seen proof that merchant bots will deliver goods a *very* long ways away, sailing past quite a few islands that have stalls both paying more and are closer. So, there is a good chance that merchant bots from the cobalt side are delivering commods to the midnight side.

Since Cobalt has far more uncolonized islands, chances are, far more commods are now being shipped to midnight from cobalt than vice versa.

More over, merchant bots don't care about time, but people do. So, it is unlikely that players are shipping much chalcocite from the two colonizeds islands on the midnight side to the cobalt side.

I did raise this subject when OOO announced the ocean mergers. I take heart in knowing that it isn't that OOO doesn't just not care about blue oceans, meridian is pretty messed up for similar reasons.
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