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Posted by Sverdrup at Feb 3, 2013 8:48:35 AM
Re: YPP Dyinh?
Pizzahutpete wrote: 
In spite of OOO's efforts to kill us off by strangling the greenie feed to the blue side, we will not go gently into that good night.

Pete, we both started playing on the same ocean, Cobalt, about 6-7 years ago when Tigerleaf was first colonized. Those were times when pillaging was the main activity and that's when and where we made our names, crews, and trained several generations of pirates.

I left Cobalt 2.5 years ago when greenies still spawned on subscriber oceans with crew and many hearties, leaving 4-5 years of accumulated wealth and fleets behind to start from scratch on a dubloon ocean WITHOUT EVER BUYING any dubs. Sure, I am not rich and famous, but the pillaging and training and recruiting game is still playable. Sure, I can not compete in blockades that pay 4000 poe/seg, but there is lots one can do on the blockade board with less given good timing, targeting, and flexibility.

There is only one past that we all tend to glorify, there is only one present that we are grumpy about, but there are always infinite future possibilities. Admittedly, some are more likely than others, but I foresee the dubloon oceans to be vibrant for another 2 years as Cobalt perhaps was 4-5 years ago.

In a good, well trained, diverse crew on a dubloon ocean, it is no problem to fill a sloop within minutes at any time of the day. The trick is to find those well run crews where piratey personalities and goals match. They exist ... oh, and use the /mute, there are indeed a rather large number of very imature mates on Meridian, and they are not always the kids we think there are ...
Sverdrup, CPTN of Schroedinger's Cat, Heisenberg's Uncertainty, Meridian

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