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Posted by Gillati at Feb 2, 2013 4:09:59 AM
Re: YPP Dyinh?
I used to play on Midnight a very long time ago. Really enjoyed the game.

I'm trying out the game again out of nostalgia and out of the fact it's still a good game. I...really don't like the doubloon oceans. But those are the only ones where people are online, so that's what I use.

I wouldn't have known that there were oceans with players online had I not emailed support and got a link to the server status screen. Before that I was wandering around the dead subscription ocean, assuming the entire game was like that now.

It is kinda sad. I suppose all things end and this is no exception, but I do miss the winning-via-skill feeling that I got around 8 years ago when I played before. The doubloon oceans leave a bitter taste in my mouth which I admit is somewhat illogical. Micro-transactions are probably where the money is so it makes sense to use them and promote them, but I'm just not keen on essentially having the option of paying more real money in order to advance.

Also, even on the doubloon oceans I have trouble filling a sloop for a pillage, which seems odd.

Anyway, sorry for the rant from an old hand. All things die, all things change. Just don't know any other option for a game offering the same kind of feel, though. =/

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