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Posted by Avastme1 at Dec 16, 2012 2:55:20 PM
Re: Blockade histories
Recently there was a edit made to Meridian blockade history page that changed the redirects of a flag name, Legacy of Love to Legacy of Laughter. I thought that redirect pages existed for this, so you don't need to edit the flag name in older records every time it changes. Plus in my opinion it's historical information that a flag had a different name in the past.

I believe that edit was made by me.

This is because the flag got renamed and I changed all the pages that linked to the old one just to remove a redirect. They don't really have much use other than to redirect, so if links go to the new page, there's not really a point in a redirect.

Regards, Kris.

P.S. If historical accuracy wanted to be noted, the blockade history ingame (if you viewed is in the last 7 days blockades and a flag renamed after it would appear under the new name)
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