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Posted by Shadowzink at Dec 8, 2012 5:42:46 PM
Christmas Event Idea! Please check it out and revise it...I really think its cool!
Hello you all, first time writing on YPP forum but I thought of a idea that I felt, will be cool, so I just wanted to share with everyone and of course, the OMs. For Christmas, I thought it will be cool if players can randomly win christmas objects, like candy canes or present tickets, from pirates and SMHs which can be traded to Elves or Miss Clause at...the bank? or an Event building or location. And of course, its Christmas, so it can be traded for presents which will be up to you guys who have the power to choose what prizes we can acquire. And there should also be a special random encounter with pirates who captures Santa Clause, and if he is rescued, players will receive a random Santa clothing such as, Santa's Hat, Santa's Coat, Santa's Boots, Santa's Pant, and special Santa trinkets. Need more time on the trinkets... It would also be AWESOME if you can trade the trinkets for Special Christmas objects like Santa's Reins (Rumbling), Santa's Candy Cane(Swordfighting), Big Presents (which can obtain stuff that can be found in chests), or if possible, even a Santa Class Sloop with an Elf bot on it like the Vampire class, of course you will need WAY more trinkets to obtain this so only though who are persistent or...has a lot of money and buys it from others, can obtain it. And I'm pretty sure you guys have ideas already on trophies. far, this is all i got to for Christmas YPP ideas. Post a suggestion if anyone has any ideas that can add on this. Thank you for looking at this!