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Posted by Booful at Dec 2, 2012 8:20:00 PM
Pixelpixie's Pixel Pirate Avvy's
Aloha Ahoy everyone!
Welcome to Pixelpixie's Pixel Pirates Avatar Shop !

where you can buy custom digital avatars! read on for more info on pricing and comissioning :)

Avatars of finished art:

Intro and Rules:

Custom Artwork can be commissioned using your pirate's description and what you like the most in the game. :)
Unfortunately I am in the process of trying to sell our house and potentially moving so it may take a week or two to finish your avatar. please bear with me on this. I will also only be doing digital avatars at this time.

Payment formats:
i will accept poe, black/gold/mystery(seasonal) boxes, RM's, deeds (of ship names I collect: Angelfish, Sunfish, blowfish & catfish ), pets, rare furni (sleeping turtles/piggies/ancient furni etc.) or familiars
I prefer Cerulean (since that's my main ocean)

(If you are in a dubloon ocean and really want a avatar you can PM me and we can try to work something out ~ I will accept LE ship deeds, Angelfish/Sunfish/Blowfish ships deeds/pets/fams/rare furni (eg. sleeping turtle/ancient furni etc.) as payment on dub oceans )

Rules (In addition to the basic forum rules)

- Do not order art if you do not have the amount of poe offered
- Please don't steal/copy my artwork; and although I won't chase you down, I would love it if you could credit my artwork in your signatures/ wherever else you display my artwork out of respect :)
- Thank you for being awesome visitors/customers :D

Some other avatars I have made over the years (for sale @ 10k/avatar) :


Minimum Prices: (your offer MUST be higher than the minimum price)

Basic Digital color : 13k+ or the equivalent (Eg. Clotho and salacious) ~ These are basically a line drawing of your avatar and just filled in coloring (little to no shading etc) The basic one does not include a detailed background
Detailed digital color: 38k+ or the equivalent (eg. Olirt/aten, Ikke, Vuran, Jamesh etc....) ~ By paying more you will get more out of your avatar.
- For couple or groups, multiply price by # of people (ex. 2 people @ detailed color = 78k ).

Payment Info

* Art quality bought depends on the amount that you offer; the more you offer above the minimum price, the better the quality and more time will be spent in the process.
*For dubloon oceans, you must PM me to arrange a date and time to meet for payment in puzzle pirates time - and specify which dubloon ocean we are meeting at.
* For digital art, you're welcome to ask me at any time for colour change (ex. If you changed your hair from blonde to black, or you changed your dress color from blue to orange, etc.) for a charge of 5% your original commission cost.

To request a private commission you can use the following format in this forum:

Art Form:

~Name: (ex. Dagger)
~ Type: ( digital basic color, digital detailed color and whether you want it with or without a background. )
~Image/Avatar/Character Reference: (put the image of a character you want to be drawn here)
~Detail: (specific expression/ idea/ puzzle/ activity) optional ~
Also if you prefer YPP pirate style or fantasy/realistic style
~Offer: (amount in poe/items)

Thank you for your visit and interest,


PixelPixie; I collect Sunfish, Angelfish, Blowfish Pixelpixie avvy's Avvy by me

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