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Posted by LJAmethyst at Dec 2, 2012 4:12:26 PM
Re: Screen Size
OK, this is a little tricky because you are not on Windows, for which we have a .REG file that you download and click to restore default settings. This will involve a dive into your filesystem to find your Java user preferences, and a manual edit of the file found there.

First, make sure to log out and exit completely out of the client.

The preferences are stored in Mac OS X under ~/Library/Preferences

From there you will need to look around and determine the structure, I don't know what it is exactly; here on Linux my client prefs are under rsrc/config/yohoho/client

In that directory there is a file called prefs.xml. I assume it is the same on Mac OS X. This is an XML format file, which can be edited with any suitable text editor.

Search for: key="display_height" and you will find the resolution settings. The other one is display_width. Set them to sane values. 600 and 800 are the defaults. Save the text file.

Now you can restart your client, and you should find a window in the new size if you did it correctly. Good luck.
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