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Posted by Clotho at Dec 1, 2012 8:48:49 PM
Splice the mainbrace! - Pillage with an OM!
Yarrrgh! Avast me hearties, after the rousing success of the Atlantis voyages we decided it best to give the fishy fish people a break and turn our attention (and swords! Musn't forget the swords!) to the Brigands and Barbarians. Share the rum with us while we pillage and plunder and show those upstart Brigands whose boss!

Who said that? Was that you Prometheus? Because I said so, that's why! If that's not enough reason, you will also have the opportunity to accrue sea battles towards your monthly seal! Hrmph.. Prometheus.

We will load a Grand Frigate on the event crew 'Games of the Gods' and will start a pillage that will last at least 4 hours. I will be the battle navigator for this event, so fasten yer seatbelts or bring yer floaties! You are welcome to stay the whole trip or just join for a few battles so please do not ask when we port, if you're tired... simply whisk home!

Is that all?
Is that you again, Prometheus? Arrgh! No, that's not all! Aside from pillaging we will endeavor to partake in whatever expeditions come our way so bring yer trowels and hauling nets lest you be left behind.

Every pirate is welcome aboard! (Except Prometheus)
Apollo could bribe his way in with EIGHT MEEEEELLION points!

Cerulean - December 6th
Meridian - December 13th
Emerald - December 20th

Jobbing will start at 12PM (noon) pirate time, we will set sail as soon as we have 60 jobbers or at 12:30, whatever happens first.

See you all there and let's have a great time! Feel free to post on this thread if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.
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