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Posted by xelto at Oct 20, 2012 6:37:44 AM
Re: Thinking of returning: what do I do?
Thanks for the pointers Xelto. I'm more of a social person, so I guess I enjoy "dock tarting" if it means standing at a dock talking, (btw, what does that exactly mean though, I have no clue) and buying clothes and pets.

You pretty much got it there-- "dock tarting" is being the guy who's spending more time talking with friends and crew than puzzling.

I'm not so sure about joining a pillage at the moment either because all my puzzles with the navy are either booched or poor. Haha, so pathetic, I know. I think I'll get scolded for doing a poor job if I go out with a crew.

That depends on the crew. If you want to do some pillaging despite rusty skills, either look for the section on the notice board that says "greeter pillaging" (which isn't there all that much, sadly), or do a mouseover of the speech bubbles you'll see by some of the officer's faces on the notice board. Look for one that says "taking everyone" or something like that.

Of course, this all assumes that you actually want to pillage. If you're not really interested in heading out to sea... don't do it.
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