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Posted by warp11 at Oct 7, 2012 2:46:07 PM
Re: Regarding sinking blockades
Point still stands. It's not about fun, and it's not about a genuine love for blockades.

See you're so wrong here it's ridiculous. You assume that everyone enjoys blockades the same way, and the same aspects of blockades. What I might consider an enjoyable blockade you might consider horrible and vice versa. There are people who genuinly enjoy sinking blockades for the sake of them being sinking. The fact that you're unable to understand that doesn't mean we don't exist.

Luckily, there are options. Luckily, the game is made in a way that we can have both nonsinking blockades and sinking blockades, that way everyone can be happy.

But please, carry on trying to convince people how everyone who doesn't agree with you hate blockading. It sure is looking good for you so far, has anyone agreed with you yet?
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