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Posted by fransalle at Oct 7, 2012 12:51:40 PM
Re: Regarding sinking blockades
I strongly, strongly, strongly disagree here. Do you really mean that you prefer an ocean where the smaller flags keep getting bled at their worthless outposts, while the wealthy "winners" can sit and collect island income while noone drops on them, because they don't want to spend 25 mil+ in a day? No, it should be possible to drop on larges, even if you're not likely to win, or to keep up with a paywar. And it would be, no problems at all apart from the higher drop cost, if those blockades weren't made sinking.

a) Cading never makes profit.
b) 25 mil+? this weekend Kirin didnt even cost 5m (counting ships sunk)... and pay went up to 4k+ at times

That's exactly what I said, but from another perspective. "If you don't want your fleet sunk, don't drop here. Drop somewhere else if you want, but leave our islands alone!" Fine, I get it, those flags want to sit uncontested and get fat from island income. Just please skip the BS about loving blockades, and be honest about it.

Didnt you do the same thing?

Sit on islands for months and months.

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