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Posted by Ezder at Oct 7, 2012 5:57:38 AM
Re: Regarding sinking blockades
Cnuofesd wrote: 
Sinking changes the dynamics of the board as it becomes less desirable for attackers to spam undermanned ships oceanside, and also discourages third parties whom generally inflate the PoE cost of a blockade. It also discourages the longevity of cades, which if you've been dropped on at an ungodly hour can reduce your time commitment. This compensates for attackers advantage to a small extent.

That's not to say that in all instances of a sinking blockade, it is not made so for for purposes of attrition, or even made sinking as a deterrent for future drops. However I'd disagree that making blockade sinking is a pure illustration of the warfare of attrition.

You make a lot of good points in the first paragraph, showing that you have some knowledge about blockades, but at the same time, you're not quite contradicting me.

"less desirable for attackers to spam undermanned ships oceanside" is just another wording of my point that in a sinking blockade, it doesn't really work to win by undermanning ships when you're outjobbed, because that means huge ship losses. In other words, in a sinking blockade, the defender can safely outjob and secure the win, without having to bleed themselves.

The kind of third parties who go in to create a paywar are just as likely in sinking blockades. In fact, many 3Ps only enter sinking blockades, because their goal is to sink ships.

"It also discourages the longevity of cades, which if you've been dropped on at an ungodly hour can reduce your time commitment." Yes, of course. Push the attacker off the board or force him to pay more than he's willing to, in lost ships. I get the point about uncomfortable times, and we've done that too, but that doesn't change the fact that sinking is used to push away or discourage attackers, so that the defender doesn't actually have to defend too much.

In the secong paragraph, you seem to make a disclaimer that sometimes, sinking may indeed be used to deter attacks, as a contrast to... Making it easier to push attackers off the board with overjobbing, and pushing attackers off the board as fast as possible if the time is uncomfortable?

Point still stands. It's not about fun, and it's not about a genuine love for blockades.

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