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Posted by Lilcracker at Oct 6, 2012 4:12:53 PM
Re: Regarding sinking blockades
Well it's either sinking blockades or they release a new big dub sink (still recovering from the horrors of gold boxes).

as for the new player/crew thing, it is up to the captain to decide whether to keep their crew in a sinking flag while there are greenies there, or not. needless to say a good captain would leave it and a bad one won't... if the captain wants o cade nav, they could just put an alt into that flag... which is what blockades mostly are... just a bunch of alts xD.

and as far as the expenses go, it's your job as the defending flag to make sure you can back up the island both with bnav skill and finances... when you fail at yer job, you lose the island (AKA, your fired!! XD).

i would suggest that unless you have enough poe to go 5 rounds of 6k+ pay (even though most cades dont reach that high, but best to make sure ye can last), don't cade a strong island or strong flag... disappointment lies ahead.

in any case, if you don't like the expenses of sinking cades, simply don't declare war... the feature that both flags have to war dec to be at war is a very useful one if your not ready for it...

oh and for the egomaniacs out there, owning many islands because you have TONS of funds does not make you any better than the other players.. this is that one of a kind game where skill matters far more than grind (poe, dubs, exp. points blah blah, bore me to death some more plz).
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