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Posted by PhoenyxStar at Oct 3, 2012 4:45:08 AM
Re: Regarding sinking blockades

Sinking is not even. Outjob your opponent, and he will sink more, everything else even.

Wasn't always that way. I remember a blockade that I watched from the safe zone way back when... 2 ships not only held off an entire flag they won the blockade - being outjobbed approximately 10 to 1.

And as to why sinking blockades are "more fun"... The adrenaline spikes are a heck of a lot bigger when there's a chance that the ship you're driving can vanish out from underneath you never to be used again.

No I'm not a fan of the ship in a bottle thing.
~ Phoenix or Danae

Depends on the colour of your ocean really.

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