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Posted by warp11 at Oct 1, 2012 11:00:02 PM
Re: Regarding sinking blockades
Woohoo I missed my bus so I have time to reply properly.

You're saying that sinking blockades penalize new flags. Though in order to have new flags in the first place, you need to inspire people to get involved in the blockading game (otherwise who would create these new flags?). The hardcore, top tier blockading is what makes people want to get into it. Without that, you'll have a considerably smaller influx of new people in the blockading scene.

Maybe it was just me, but the only reason I put down the kind of time and effort into getting somewhat decent at what we call blockading was to be regarded with the same kind of respect that Daquan, Dalnoth, and all the other top knotch navers I looked up to back when I was making my way upwards.
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