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Posted by Ezder at Oct 1, 2012 2:04:33 PM
Re: Regarding sinking blockades
Sinking defenses is a way to discourage attacks, or to be able to auto-win by outjobbing without having to pay extra for it. Any other reason is a lie. It may be a fair tactic to use if your only goal is to keep your islands as uncontested as possible but considering the downsides of sinking, it makes no sense to claim to love blockades at the same time as you make them sinking.

I still think the properties of "fun" out-trumphes whatever arguement can be made against sinking blockades. Of course it's not always fun to pay for one, but for us people who generally don't have to pay for the blockades we participate in, it's definately superior.

So to counter your argument, sinking blockades are more fun for the majority of the participants, which since you're playing a game surely has to be the main focus. And remember that every once in a while, people dislike each other, and then the sinking blockades become even more fun!

Why is it more fun if it's sinking?

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