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Posted by joshuawhelan at Oct 1, 2012 5:26:42 AM
Re: Regarding sinking blockades
I agree! It's fun from a jobber's perspective but not so much from the perspective of the flag running a blockade.

With an average cost of replacing sinks these days in a 3 round blockade costing anywhere up to 2,000,000, I find them largely unsustainable. (This is also rising, as WF/WBs increase in price in the inns now that people are finally adjusting to the dub prices)

I feel the roots of the popularity of sinking blockades are fairly easy to trace. Look back five years ago and all the big flags on Viridian made it clear that any blockades against them would be sinking. This was done as a deterrent to potential attacks - As hiding from blockades became unpopular they suddenly used the cover story of 'they find it more fun'.

Many years later, new flags have misinterpreted the reason for sinking blockades being so popular. Now, you have new flags running around saying how 'pro' they are and claim they can out-nav their opponents, then suddenly realised they've just lost several million PoE's worth of ships to their ego.

In recent weeks, I've admitted multiple times that the reason I've lost a blockade is because my blockade team was simply outdone by the opposition. I've found that most active flags now find it impossible to admit that their skills were behind their defeat. They instead look for excuses such as being outjobbed. The number of flags that blame move-spying for losing a blockade is also ridiculously high. If you take in to consideration how difficult it would be to organise to make it change the result of an entire blockade, and the fact that most navigators 'LSM', there's no possibility whatsoever of move-spying coming in to the occasion for sinks.

TL;DR version: The reason for sinking blockades has quickly shifted from being a deterrent to island sit as long as possible to being an ego trip from the kids you'll find blockading today/
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