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Posted by Ezder at Oct 1, 2012 5:03:22 AM
Regarding sinking blockades
Sinking is more fun, right? We all know that, we have heard it many times, often from people who also claim to love blockades. Most flags loudly declare their love for sinking blockades, and state that their defenses will be sinking ("Because it's more fun") or that they hope that their attack blockades will be sinking ("Because it's more fun").

I will go against the current, and state that I don't like sinking at all. By doing so, I probably make sure that my flag will never get a non-sinking defense, and I think that is the reason why this critisism is rarely heard. That's fine, though. We can take it, even though we don't like it.

So, why are sinking blockades bad?

Overall blockade costs

By adding the cost of replacing sunk ships, the overall costs of blockades increase. This means that it takes longer time for a flag to recover after a (big) blockade, each flag can do fewer blockades and thus, fewer blockades can happen.

Reduced penalty to overjobbing

In a non-sinking blockade, the cost is almost directly proportional to the number of jobbers. That means that even though a flag can use overjobbing to buy a win, they have to pay for it. Their blockade costs will be higher than that of the losing (outjobbed) flag and that is a bad strategy in the long run, especially against an opponent with even financial strength. This should discourage overjobbing, and make "fair" (even jobbing) blockades more likely to happen, for financial reasons.

In a sinking blockade, on the other hand, the difference in jobber pay can easily be cancelled out by the fact that it's easier to sink ships when you outship your opponent, and/or have more jobbers on each ship. That means that the outjobbing flag will get a positive sink score, and not necessarily pay more overall than the outjobbed flag. That way, outjobbing defenses are suddenly economically smart - assuming that they are sinking.

And why are they good?

Well, there must be some reason why sinking is "more fun", right? I'll try to list the reasons I can come up with, and my reply to them.

Spinning ships?

One could argue that the spinning ship graphic is nicer than the rocking, fading ship graphic. But even if so, is it really worth the downside with fewer blockades, and fewer "fair" blockades?


By asking ordinary people, scientists have found that a vast majority of the population are above average poker players, above average drivers and have above average IQ. Without any research to back it up, I will assume that the same goes for YPP blockade navers. And of course, knowing that you are much better than your opponent and he will sink more, sinking may be tempting. Your opponent probably thinks similarly, and with some creativity in calculating the sink score, you will both be right!


A good sinking war is fun, if you're on the winning side. The biggest losers in war are less than serious flags and crews, where ranks are given out like candy to keep and gain members, and no officer training is given. But wars also hit hard against crews, where new players are allowed as jobbers, and maybe eventually officer trained. A ship manned with new player stands no chance against an elite hunt ship. At the same time, these crews are what this game needs to stay alive - if the new players have nowhere to go, because everyone jobs with stat reqs, they will quit the game before they even really started playing.

But, let's assume you ignore that and want the war anyway. I would too, I'm not going to lie. Then you have 72 hours or something like that to return the war dec after the blockade, so wanting the war is really no reason to dec back before the blockade, and make it sinking.

Discouraging attacks!

This one actually holds. While most flags claim to love sinking blockades, it is usually not true. When a flag chooses a target to blockade, it is more likely to choose a flag that doesn't make sinking defenses. Therefore, if flag A and B have a habit of sinking defenses, and flag C doesn't make sinking, flag C will get a lot more drops than flag A and B. Don't think for a second that flag A and B aren't aware of this little "side effect" of their "fun" sinking defenses! And sure, it works, but is it really fair to claim to love blockades, while taking measures to make sure you don't have to do any?


Sinking defenses is a way to discourage attacks, or to be able to auto-win by outjobbing without having to pay extra for it. Any other reason is a lie. It may be a fair tactic to use if your only goal is to keep your islands as uncontested as possible but considering the downsides of sinking, it makes no sense to claim to love blockades at the same time as you make them sinking.

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