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Posted by Prometheus at Oct 1, 2012 3:49:24 AM
Perilously Plundering Palatial Pachyderms! A Patching Bake-Off.
What: Old-Style All-On-A-Ship Patching Bake-Off
Dates: Sunday October 14 (Cerulean) ; Sunday October 21 (Emerald) ; Sunday October 28 (Meridian)
Time: 12:30 PM game time (use /info to find out game time)

Here's how it will work.

* At 12:30 PM game time, I will put an event whisk up on the Noticeboard. These appear on the Events tab of the noticeboard at any colonized island.
* The event whisk goes to a bake-off ship. You do not need to be jobbed into the crew to take part.
* I will not broadcast the event unless participation is much lower than expected.
* The ship will have plenty of stations for the competition puzzle. Find a station as quickly as possible so that you are not hunting for one when we start. There are stations all over the ship, including throughout the main deck, down in the hold, and in the cabins.
* Please show consideration to your fellow players and stay quiet and do not spam. Keep chat and greetings to tells.
* I will keep the whisk up on the board for approximately 15 minutes, or until the ship is full, whichever is the earlier. Once the whisks have gone from the noticeboard, entrance to the event is closed. Be careful not to "fall off" the ship. Participants will not be jobbed into the crew to get them back on board.
* Once the whisking time is over, or when the ship is full, (whichever is the earlier), I will start to give instructions for the bake-off.
* From this point, spamming or unnecessary chatter will cause you to be planked.
* Once I have run through the instructions, the bake-off will begin.
* In these bake-offs, the contest will consist of a single 30-minute puzzling session. We will set sail, engage with another ship, and stay in sea battle for 30 minutes. We will then disengage and return to port.
* Competitors must be on a patching station from the beginning of the puzzling period, and must stay on station throughout the contest, until we reach the island at the end. You may dismiss and re-take the station if you need to, but you may not stay off-station. This includes pirates who disconnect, who will get about one minute to return to station. In order to avoid confusion, anyone remaining off-station after a warning tell will be planked.
* The duty report at the island (not the one at disengage) defines the winners.
* There will be prizes offered to the top 12 entrants. Each of the top 12 finishers on the duty report chooses one prize from the list including a colored familiar, rare furniture and trinkets.
* ""Format Change"" Prizewinners must stay on board to select their prizes but may leave once they have done so. If you are not on board to select your prize, you forfeit your prize, and the next best finisher is added to the list of prizewinners.
* Prizes will be distributed immediately after the bake-off.

There are 12 prizes available and each prizewinner gets one prize and winners will take their pick in order (first place chooses first, followed by second, etc).

* Coloured Familiar (Colour and Type chosen by winner. Restricted colours or types are not valid.)
* Tan Monkey
* Sleeping Pig or Piglet
* Sleeping Tortoise or Turtle
* Ancient Vase rare furniture
* Anubis Statue rare furniture
* Deed to a Wrapped Gold / Gold / Gold Sloop
* Golden Piggy Bank
* Gold orchid x 4

Good luck!

- Pro

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