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Posted by atteSmythe at Aug 9, 2005 4:00:00 PM
Re: Next Release
I agree with Lizzie as well, we don't officer someone if we don't trust them.

Well, the problem arises when someone betrays that trust. We have a set of officers that was working just fine - now one of 'em isn't restocking ships. I have no idea who it is (well, ok, I have some idea, but no proof). If they were stealing maps, we'd really be in trouble. As it is, we've had to institute a public/private ship policy

That being said, I can see how this change will cause problems. We're a smallish crew, and I anticipate it causing problems for us - I can only imagine the troubles that the larger crews will have.

Trust thy neighbor just doesn't seem to be the solution to every problem.

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