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Posted by jlh0605 at Aug 10, 2012 9:38:18 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Collector of <Trinket>.
Example: Collector of Knobby Coral

Pirates probably have crates and chests full of these things. Dregded up from the bottom of the oceans, awarded in tournaments... and half the time people just throw them back up in another tournament as a prize. Lets give them a reason to exist.

If a pirate collects 1 of every color of a specific trinket, they can be cashed in at the bank or palace or something, and the pirate received a trophy of that type of trinket. Now obviously it wouldn't work for store-bought stuff, but it would work on expedition trinkets as an alternative to their specific cash-ins.

As an avid trinket collector, I say yes. :) I only wish to add this - if we have to trade it in, why not make it so we get the same trinkets (NON-TRADEABLE) back... so we can still display them?
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