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Posted by Twistedblake at Aug 6, 2012 1:08:23 PM
Re: Intent to blockade this weekend
As you all know by now Keep the Peace.... which is my flag is cading two islands tomorrow and the intent of our blockades is to take out inactive flags so that we can better keep the forts stocked up....... I am not looking just to get easy flag sit as it might become that..... flag sits i know will look bad on my flags reputation so don't think i cared these islands in an effort to get flag sit i wanted someone to contest and was getting word at first that we would have competition so i apologize if i end up winning one or both in a flag sit i just want to bring events and good community around these two islands.... I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be fun cause i have been told that the islands might be contested but if they are not i apologize again but in reality i am just trying to bring a better energy to PP.... i think i included my intent in caring clearly if u have any questions about plans for island let me or razz know in game thanks again...... btw I'm on emerald ocean haha

Brocko-------King of Keep the Peace

How are you a monarch?

I clicked create flag... Lol

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