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Posted by NinjaGuy at Sep 25, 2003 10:55:30 AM
Re: Next Release
Lizzie wrote: 
I would just like to register my total protest at the maps feature. I know already that this is going to drive me crazy. Our officers have all their own boats, and all their own sets of maps. They keep whatever maps they pillage, and if they have doubles they place em on the table of an unused boat of ours and take any there they don't have. Now, everytime I'm on I'm going to have to go to their boat and trade them their map. Any maps they want from the dupe table.. I am going to have to be there to give them whichever. Couldn't you have made this an option for the captain? The crews that don't trust their officers could put this option on; but for my crew where its more a huge pain in the booty than anything else, we could leave it off.

Agreed lass.
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