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Posted by deltaruler at Jul 10, 2012 9:04:35 AM
Re: Delta Rating System

While I laud your efforts and your intended goals, I must echo many of the concerns that were voiced with your earlier iterations of any sort of perpetually updating ranking or classing system being hosted on the YPPedia:

* The process for gathering data is cumbersome and time intensive.
* The ranking system is complex and complicated discouraging anyone other than yourself from ever updating this information.
* Ranking "best" crews using metrics that are, frankly, meaningless within the contexts of the game.
* A massive amount of work for something that provides extremely limited and narrow gains.

Again, I commend your work and your willingness to do it but I simply think that if you wish to consider pursuing this sort of ranking system, you might be better off creating and hosting your own website from one of the myriad of free hosting providers out there. This really isn't information that belongs on the YPPedia as, foundationally, it's just not encyclopedic. Best wishes moving forward from here.

~The Maestro

Well, you're admin, do what you want. I made the calculations of those 5 crews in half hour during searching them as well, but after all you are the man... Delete any page of mine from YPPedia and make my life easier, thank you.
"Real life made me to respect people in games faster. Games made me to mute people in real life easier."

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