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Posted by Furare at Jul 10, 2012 6:02:41 AM
I'm surprised there have been no posts since, but I think the forums have been playing up or something. Regardless, a death scene:

The sun slanted into the room through the crack in the curtains, shining into Furare's eyes and signalling the beginning of the fifteenth day. She groaned and rolled over, covering her head with the pillow.

I don't want to get up.

She lay like that for a few more minutes, as though the blankets could protect her from the world, or the fate that surely awaited her outside the confines of her room. Vain hope. Eventually she sat up, heart heavy, and began to dress in silence. She looked around her little room with a lump in her throat. I won't ever see this place again. She knew it. Though she cherished some small hope that she might be able to turn things around, to get some other poor soul to take her place, in her heart of hearts she knew that wasn't going to happen. She'd been living on borrowed time too long, and that time would end today. There was no other way things could be.

Out into town, though. Furare fought when she was cornered. She could do nothing else. Disappearing wasn't her style. So she went out and fought for it, preparing her arguments and accusations, trying to calculate the tone perfectly so as not to sound as desperate as she felt. It didn't matter. Her words fell on deaf ears. They knew what she was. That was abundantly clear. They knew what she was and they were not inclined to listen to her anymore. She faltered under the stares, under the condemnation, and stood silently, her guilt finally exposed.

They didn't even wait for evening. Riku seized hold of her then and there, and she saw behind him the train of bodyguards that she had only glimpsed the night she came to kill him. It was over, then. The noose awaited her. Hanging. No! I can't - I won't be hanged! She struggled against his grip, but he was taller and stronger than her, and there was nothing she could do against him. Except... she knew that with every single sudden movement she made, it became harder for the watching guards not to strike down the person threatening their master. She half-smiled. It wasn't survival - there was no hope of that now - but it was something.

Riku snapped, "Have some dignity, can't you?" She bit him. "Agh - what the hell?"

From his position watching impassively from across the square, Justin called out, "I think she's trying to provoke you into killing her outright." Furare shot him a poisonous glare.

"Huh." Riku turned her by force to face him. "Damn it, monster, what makes you think you deserve any sort of mercy?"

Furare spat in his face. "Monster? I? How much blood is on your hands, eh?" She could feel his anger rising at her twisted logic, and she gloried in it. Her grin was horrifying and insane. Go on. End it. I dare you. He didn't rise to the bait. Of course he didn't; he was better than that. There was no point in fighting any more. Her body went limp as the fire drained from her, and she let him drag her over to the gallows. To the lynching rope. To her death.

On the platform she froze. She couldn't help it, not in the face of that death. She was terrified, and it was beyond her power to hide it. The tears began to fall unbidden - and she saw for the first time her enemies show some sign of relenting towards her. "You ask why you should give me mercy, Riku?" she asked, her voice trembling. "Believe me - I didn't want to do this. I didn't want any part of this. And I'm so tired. I can't fight any more." A violent sob wracked through her body, and she thought that through the mist of tears she saw some echoes of compassion in at least one of the watching faces.

Then she straightened her back and held her head high. "But no. You're right. I should meet death with dignity. Not wanting to be a rogue doesn't negate the fact that I am one. Do your worst." But the honest emotion had moved Riku in a way that provocation had not. He gestured in the direction of his bodyguards - and one of them levelled his gun at her, and fired. The concussive force threw her backwards to the ground. The world faded to grey and then slipped away from her altogether.

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