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Posted by Furare at Jul 9, 2012 11:26:47 PM
The hell just happened?

Or not just, but once again these deadlines make me late to the party.

Just so you know, I hate you all. (<3)

As it happens, I wish I'd been around to say whether I'd received any items or not - because, you know, the only item I had all game was a little thing called Prescription Drugs. I don't know what telling a little half-truth about those would've done for me... Maybe something, maybe nothing.

I might write a death scene later. Then I'm done. Thanks for everything, y'all, but I think what that game showed me is that I can't do this anymore. It's not fair to anyone for me to sign up for something I don't really want to do and then throw my crappy burnout issues all over the thread. So I'm done here. I probably won't even read the DT, to be honest.

(Although, hell, part of me is already like "Maybe this would be a cool idea for a game" - so who knows how long that resolution will last.)

I'll be back later, hopefully with a death scene of such tragic beauty that y'all feel like heels for cutting my sweet innocent life of villainy so horribly short. :P
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