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Posted by Nalanthi at Jul 9, 2012 9:03:29 PM
So I am still really put out that Riku isn't a Rogue. Gagh. Probably took me a full day longer than it should have to start drawing the right conclusions from the evidence of Luv's ban then it should have. I predict I will not live till endgame anytime soon, which makes me sad as it is my favorite part.

In real life I catch scum early when they flinch, much harder in the electronic. Should have followed up more on Furare.

Then I flail horribly in the midgame. i reproduced this well in the electronic version.

Then as we approach Lylo, I become very good at spotting linkages. This was even easier in the electronic version than in RL as I had more time to analyze the data.

A rogue lynch at Lylo has a distinct feel. If I'm not getting that feeling, it is probably an innocent on the block. The way I didn't have to halt them before they triggered day end was awesome, because it let me gather more information.

Arguments made in the last 6 hours of a day are like 100% more effective. This meta needs to change. It is totally town unproductive.
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