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Posted by deltaruler at Jul 9, 2012 10:13:21 AM
Re: Delta Rating System
the abreviations are hilarious xD

POOP.... U POOP.... POOP x100.... FLOOP..... ALOOP

i see ye put a lot of time into this but unfortunately yer purposes are discarded by hyperranking and other obuses of the system, getting points for rank also doesnt help clear the crap crews where they make everyone O+ just because they want members...and the -1 point per member doesnt do anything to negate it.

the points off for staying in crew/flag is discouraging to community, which is pretty much the whole backbone of the game

age should not matter in the points,.. one of the great things about this game is that it is skill based rather than grind based... meaning that someone who's played it a week can be better at it than someone who's played it for years, because they are better skilled

reputations, especially explorer and magnate are HIGHLY exploitable to the point where they mean very little... or near meaningless...

magnate - buy a ton of CI trinkets, which usually go for about 50 poe... ye spend 50k on it... make about 30 chromas, and boom ye go from aspiring to illus with barely any effort... while someone who buys a ship from a shipyard, barely gets from renowned - celebrated.

explorer - citadels count far too much towards it, it takes about 10-20 mins to do a cit... maybe less, that 1 cit will count more towards explorer reputation than a 3-hour WF SMH or HS... makes no sense.

bonuses for "half-standing"... half standing is defined by arch,... meaning easily obusable by simply clicking "set as home" on an island in a weak arch

ltly i highly doubt this will be taken much into account because they simply have much higher priorities, like game content, than to focus their time and energy on another way to show accomplishments... they spend enough releases on trophies anyway XD

* ''the abreviations" > well the good point is you will think about the system when someone say the word...

* Time of loyalty is a part of the unofficial version. It help mainly the leadership of the crew, flag or alliance.

* Reputations shows the current activity and they are the basic factor makes the fame of the crews and flags. So they must be the first basic measure to start rating any pirate. If you calculate the max possible points you will find that the reputations as part of calculating P.O.O.P. aren't so important, because the max P.O.O.P. is like 10% of the max possible U.P.O.O.P. Despise the easy way of getting easy high personal reputation, crew's fame is based on the overall puzzling of the crew members as well, so yet again as you saying the reputations aren't so important and that's why they aren't presented with so high % in the final
max possible ultimate personal score.

* Age is presented with so low % of the points, so it's pointless to talk about it. After all one 3 years old pirate could be less skilled or experienced compare to half year played pirate. But after all the older players by default should know more in general.

Thank you for your post. I don't want another official ranking. I pursuit the way to save the best or top performances for the future generations of players, crews... As i said it's not another show off thread. It's attempt to preserve the right info and chase better performance compare the established leaders in the lists... Like as simple arcade game, you making the high score and the rest players trying to beat your record. Sounds silly and nostalgic, but that's me. I hope i could read more constructable opinions.

* You could calculate your own U.P.O.O.P. to find out which part of the system has the most serious impact. Puzzle standings could make your final score easily higher in no time, however if we take 2 pirates with same standing, more points should have that one with high levels of experience.
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